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Berieved father

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Patrick O’Shaughnessy, the famed asset manager, sent an email to his book club about 10 years ago with the subject line, “Since it is better to read around your field, rather than in your field, there are no investing books in this list.” I love this idea, and believe there’s so much value on improving

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Spotlight: Harleny Vasquez

I’m a big fan of mental health professionals who empower fellow mental health professionals. So when Harleny Vasquez, a social worker career coach and influencer, agreed to let me pick her brain I knew the interview would be interesting to all of you as well. Harleny has a fascinating story, as well as some tips

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Spotlight: Eli Weinreb

I really, really like it when I get to see people following their passions. Like when I worked with Peter Golboro at a startup in Philly where I punched the clock as an engineer and he was a business analyst. It was nothing short of inspirational to see him quit his job, go back to

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Just For Today

Setting goals can be tough. One of the most common pitfalls is setting goals that are unattainable from the onset. When we look at an overall goal or ideal habit, it can feel overwhelming and that feeling can prevent us from properly moving forward. Another issue is approaching goals as an all-or-nothing game. Realistically you

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