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From Newsletter Issue 004

I’ve been intrigued by AI (artificial intelligence) and Large Language Models as a wonderful new tool to help provide meaning to large sets of data, or to explain complex topics. I’ve even used it on a personal level to craft silly poems and cards for family members! There’s certainly been a lot of hype and fear surrounding it’s use and potential. 

But the study below didn’t sit well with me, and I’m curious what you think. 

In this study, Department of Psychology, University of Greifswald, Greifswald, Germany decided to run an experiment with only a single group, relying on the “knowledge” and predictive ability of a “Super Learner” large language model to explain how a theoretical control group would have behaved. 

It’s fascinating to think of the speed at which we can run experiments, learn more, learn faster, with the help of artificial intelligence. But I think to prove the accuracy and trustworthiness of the large language model “Super Learner”, a control group should have been tested against the machine’s predicted control group behavior. As the study was conducted, I have very mixed feelings about the results. 

What do you think?

We need your feedback

Desktop view of the therapist's assignment builder

As we begin rolling out our latest big release to the public, we’d love to get your feedback and demo Custom Assignments for you. As a pro-therapist company, it’s our goal to make your life easier, take work and stress off your plate, and allow you to provide higher quality of care to your patients in the process.To that end, we built our Assignment Builder to allow you to create tailor-made assignments just for your patients. To keep them therapeutically engaged between sessions, you’ll be able to assign exercises appropriate for any modality – or even just things which are your own invention, an amalgamation of modalities and your own expertise which you think will be beneficial for them.Some of the features of this new assignment builder:

  • Add headers, and blocks of text
  • Add Likert and numeric rating scales
  • Short text and long text input fields
  • Date and time fields
  • Mood tracker
  • Color, style and icon
  • Instructions for patients
  • Mobile-friendly multi-page assignments
  • File attachments

Want to see how it works? Please schedule a demo below. We want your feedback!