Will your clients rise to the occasion?

From Newsletter Issue 005

My wife was visiting her folks in Chicago last week and I was left solo-parenting 4 kids. 

As a parent, we work so hard trying to teach our kids to be responsible, thoughtful, and reliable. But we’re never really sure it’s working…

So when my wife left for the week, I was pleasantly surprised that my two older ones (15 and 11) really jumped in, without asking, with some additional house chores. I noticed a sink of dishes washed and drying in the drying rack. I went to throw in some laundry, but the machine was already running!

It was a proud moment to see my kids rising to the occasion, to see that the house needed a few extra hands, and they jumped right in without asking!

As a therapist, you can sit in a room with clients week after week, but it’s only when you hear about them confronting their challenges and being victorious that we know they – and we! – are on the right track!

What was a time you were so proud of your client for implementing something you taught them in-session and being victorious?

Premium Features

We began rolling out new features which allows therapists to create custom assignment and add PDFs and attachments. These new features have been added to our paid “Professional” plan. We will continue to add premium features to the paid plan over time, but if you’re interested in learning more about them, we are happy to demo it for you! Just reply to this email and we’ll set up a time.

Some of the features of the new assignment builder:

  • Add headers and blocks of text
  • Add Likert and numeric rating scales
  • Short text and long text input fields
  • Date and time fields
  • Mood tracker
  • Color, style and icon
  • Instructions for patient
  • Mobile-friendly multi-page assignments
  • File attachments

Want to learn more? Please schedule a demo. We want your feedback!