New Cognitive Distortions available in custom assignments

Woman being reflective in her garden

It’s been horrific in the world. The last few weeks have seen so much pain, grief, fear, and trauma. Hatred, anger, rage, feelings of revenge, and high energy, strong negative feelings are running rampant. It’s been overwhelming.

Now is the time to remind ourselves of our own teachings, to center ourselves, quiet the cognitive distortions in our mind, and use the tools we know to calm our fears and anxieties – so that we can help our own clients manage their same heightened feelings and emotion.

So, breathe deeply.


Speak with compassion, listen with compassion.

I’m sure together, we can achieve a future with hope, joy, and unity.

Speaking of cognitive distortions…

We also have an update for you! We added 3 new fields to Custom Assignments:

  • 5-point Mood Tracker
  • Cognitive Distortions selector
  • Negative Emotion selector
View of cognitive distortions selector in the custom assignment editor
View of Cognitive Distortions in the custom assignment editor

That means, when you are building a custom assignment for your clients, you can add these new fields. If you want your clients to select and track their mood in an assignment, you can add the 5-point scale mood tracker. If you want clients to identify and select a cognitive distortion as part of their homework, you can add this field to your custom assignments.

The negative emotion selector allows clients to select from 10 possible negative feelings, from Anger to Shame.

Screenshot of List of mood tracker, cognitive distortions, and negative emotion fields
List of mood tracker, cognitive distortions, and negative emotion fields

By the way, you can see the 5-point Mood Tracker and Cognitive Distortion fields in the Reflective library of assignments. The Mood Tracker assignment has the 5-point mood tracker selector field.

To see the cognitive distortion field in action, check out the Thought Record, and Cognitive Restructuring assignments in the Reflective resource library. 

Give it a try! Let us know what you think.

Also, if there are any fields you would like us to add, or assignments we should include in our library, reply to this email and let us know!

Wishing for peace and calm to all. ❤️