Multi-Language Support and 4 New Assignments Added

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  • Bug Fixes
  • US-based therapists: join our research study
  • Support for additional languages, starting with Hebrew. What language should we add next?
  • 4 new assignments added! Behavioral activation was highly requested

🐞 Whoops! We discovered a bug which may have prevented some therapists from creating and adding new patients last week. The issue only occurred for a few days and was resolved quickly. We apologize for any inconvenience! If you had any issue creating new patients, please try again.

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US-based therapists: join our research study

Reflective in collaboration with Rabbi Dr. Avidan Milevsky of the Department of Psychology at Ariel University in Israel is seeking US mental health professionals to participate in a brief study on the use of an online tool for therapy management and therapeutic outcomes enhancement.

Participation entails gaining free access to the tool, using the tool at your convenience for an 8-week trial period, then answering a short questionnaire at the end of the trial period about the tool. Participants will receive compensation.

For more information and to join the study please click link below: 

Need any help? Have any questions about the study? Send us an email at support [at] and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Thank you for your interest in participating in this study.

Support for additional languages

As much of our team is based in Israel, we saw an opportunity to jump in and help in light of recent events. We quickly added support for multiple languages and began with Hebrew, to help displaced families and victims of terror get accessible support in their time of need.

Language settings are available on patient mobile devices under “Settings”

Now that we have the fundamental support of multiple languages, what other languages would you like to see supported in Reflective?

4 New Premium Assignments Added

  • Behavioral Activation
  • Decatastrophizing Worksheet
  • Distress Tolerance: REST
  • Written Exposure

In this Behavioral Activation exercise, clients fill in activities they are responsible for or give them joy. Then in subsequent screens they rate how they felt performing the activity.

Check out the Resource library to see all the new exercises.

Want to see more exercises? Let us know which ones you’d like us to add.

Wishing you all the best,

– The Reflective Team