CBT Buddy is Now Reflective

Welcome to Reflective

Welcome to Reflective, your new home for connecting with your patients between sessions. When we first decided to share our idea of an app that could help facilitate homework between therapists and patients, we focused on offering CBT-related templates for patient assignments. While in private beta we received feedback from therapists stating their excitement surrounding the app and the potential it had for their practice along with feelings of reservation due to the brand’s focus on CBT. Thankfully that didn’t stop our user base from growing, but we take feedback very seriously.

We never intended on remaining exclusive to CBT and so we decided to rebrand, opening the door to some very exciting upcoming features. The name Reflective hints to what we are all about; allowing patients to have time between sessions to reflect, take action and grow. Whether this is through a journal, mood tracker, thought record or any other assignment, Reflective allows therapy to continue throughout the week so both patients and therapists can get more out of their time together.

Because mental health is still unfortunately taboo in some social circles, the name Reflective allows patients to install our mobile app without the same level of anxiety that a name like CBT Buddy might bring when their phone is visible in social settings.

What this means for current users

All of your data, including your login information, remains the same. If you are a web user, you will no longer log in at https://app.cbtbuddy.com and instead will log in at https://app.reflectiveapp.com. If you are a mobile user, you must download the most recent app update, as we will be phasing out older versions.

You can download the new iOS app here if you have not updated automatically already. Our mobile apps, on both iOS and Android, have also been updated with some bug fixes and enhancements.

If you are a therapist, please make sure to update your patients and check your inboxes for relevant emails.

We would like to thank our users, both therapists and patients alike, for their feedback so far. We looking forward to you joining us in our next phase.

Thank you,
The Reflective Team