Help your clients get more out of therapy.

How often do you, as a therapist, end a session by telling a client “I want you to spend time throughout the week thinking about what we discussed in here today” and how often is that request ignored?

We’ve been working with the therapists in our private beta to come up with a solution to helping clients find success during the time between sessions. Now we’re making it available to you.

Reflective allows you to share assignments with your clients and will send them reminders.

More Engagement

Increase your clients’ therapeutic engagement between sessions, with reminders and added accountability

More Clinical Insight

Gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ progress and issues through structured communication and assignment submissions.

More Sessions

Clients who stick to their work and see progress, stick with their therapy program – more sessions booked, and better outcomes.

How does Reflective work?

This is what therapy practices and mental health professionals are doing with reflective:

Set reminders

Each activity added can be set to a customized reminder time, so your client can fill them out on their schedule. Want to set a mood tracker every day, but thought distortion observation only once a week? No problem!

Customize treatment plan

Select assignments and activities for evidence-based therapies such as CBT, DBT, ERP, and ACT, including thought records, cognitive restructuring, and more.

Add psycho-education

Discussed an idea in-session and want to send more information to your clients to watch later? Add custom psycho-education to some or all of your clients.

Crisis intervention

For clients going through extreme depression, add crisis intervention tools to their profile, such as a safety plan, which will appear front-and-center on their mobile app.

Invite patient

Once the treatment plan is filled out, send the invite to your patient. They’ll receive an email with instructions and links to download the apps.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store are the best way to experience Reflective for clients.

Patient submits exercises

Clients submit assignments according to the schedule of their treatment plan. Submissions appear as part of their patient record.

Privacy and security

Clients can choose to have activity submissions visible by their therapist or keep them private. Reflective is HIPAA compliant and adheres to strict secure protocol!

Convenient and Accessible

Clients and patients can use Reflective while on the go for Android and iOS smartphone devices

  • Easy to use mobile app for Android and Apple devices
  • Native notifications remind patients when to do their work, on their schedule
  • Clients can complete their assignments while confronted with situational triggers
  • Submissions are immediately available in Therapist inbox

Get lifetime access for $299

US-based mental health professionals can use Reflective with an unlimited amount of clients and take full advantage of our current features.
If you’re unsatisfied with results within 60 days, we’ll give you a complete refund.

You can save $100 using our early-access coupon code on checkout. Email us at to get the code!

Still not sure? Talk to Pete Golboro, LCSW about the benefits of using Reflective and why he’s been using it with his clients.